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Home/Residence Cleaning

Our Cleaning approach is vast and encompassing depending on the needs of your family or home. We invest in training our Janitors to expertly handle home Cleaning include cleaning bathrooms, Windows, scrubbing floors, vacuuming, and mopping etc

Janitorial/Office Cleaning

The imроrtаnсе оf high standards оf daily office сlеаning cannot bе undеr еѕtimаtеd, nor can the imрасt thаt your оffiсеѕ hаvе оn аll whо uѕе them. Fоr thоrоugh cleaning оf оffiсеѕ we hаvе dеviѕеd different cleaning рlаnѕ tо аddrеѕѕ diffеrеnt needs of оur clients.

Fumigation / Pest Control

Our main goal is to provide quality and effective pest and fumigation control solutions to all our customers with a sense of warmth, friendliness and create exceptional value to our customers. We work very hard at earning our customer’s trust and confidence through building relationships and delivering quality fumigation and pest control services.


We get started with the cleaning before the building work starts proceeding to maintain the standard hygiene in the work site. If there is rubbish or debris on the construction site, we clean it all up and prepare the land ready for the construction workers to take charge.

Cleaning Chemicals Supplies

GC Cleaning Services Limited supplies cleaning and maintenance chemicals in Nigeria. Our comprehensive range of high-quality cleaning and maintenance chemicals have been scientifically formulated to deliver significant performance benefits, improving the speed and efficiency of many cleaning and maintenance activities.

Waste Management

Waste management is a conduit at the cross roads of inputs from producers, users and outputs to environmental compartments, with the overall goal to clear the residues and reutilize cleared materials and natural resources.

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