Professional cleaning services offer numerous benefits for universities and research facilities. It leaves a positive impression and promotes a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Professional cleaning services also save administrators more money over time, when compared to maintaining an in-house cleaning staff.

Whenever there is a need to make room for storage, events, and other functions, GC Cleaning Services can free up cluttered settings. Everyone utilizing universities and research facilities will have the peace of mind to go about their business as usual while Faye’s Cleaning does all the cleaning.

Below, you will learn more about the benefits of professional cleaning for universities and research facilities.

Universities Benefit from Professional Cleaning Services

Universities are either publicly sanctioned or privately owned. Either way, there can be hundreds to thousands of people coming in and out of them every day. These include college students, university staff, and members of the academe, researchers, and visitors.

Due to the high traffic in universities, trash could easily pile up in as little as a day, especially in bathrooms and the canteen areas. Major school events also tend to leave plenty of clutter behind. Communicable diseases can easily spread in these environments as well if regular cleaning is not maintained.

GC Cleaning Services Limited can ensure that universities and research facilities are clean and healthy. Besides the usual dusting and cleaning of classrooms, we offer:

• Home appliances cleaning
• Window cleaning
• Kitchen and cafeteria cleaning services
• Restroom janitorial services


Professional Cleaning Services for Research Facilities

Research facilities may not be as crowded as schools. However, in spite of their limited staff, they do require higher standards of sanitation, especially if they are in the medical and health industries. For example, medical wastes need to be properly disposed of to prevent the possible spread of disease.

Work productivity is also important in research facilities. Staff who are in the middle of conducting research, studies, and analysis should be able to do so in a safe and healthy environment.

We have professional cleaners who are fully trained and equipped to provide high-grade sanitation. Our team will be supervised by personnel who received a Post Graduate Education in Infection Control, Principles and Practice in Health Care Facilities.

Other Services Offered

Dan Cleaning Services Limited also provides cleaning and landscaping services for:

• Office spaces
• Health care and medical facilities
• Child care centers
• Construction sites
• Public parks
• Corporate

Our cleaning services include Lecture room cleaning, Hostel cleaning, dusting, and window cleaning, Surround cleaning restroom/bathroom, kitchen cleaning, carpet steam cleaning,   high-pressure cleaning, and emergency cleaning services. We also supply materials and consumables.

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